What is your story of strength?

My story begins on 2 July 2016. I was out partying with some friends when suddenly some guy started shooting in the crowd. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Nobody thought that I would survive, but I proved them wrong. I lost my leg and injured my arm. When I was in a coma, I had a flash of my life in pictures. I didn’t want to leave that behind so I fought to stay. The whole time, I was fighting for my family and my friends. I didn’t want them to suffer. It breaks my heart when I think about the pain this gave my family and friends. So everyday, I am going forward and I am not stopping because of them.

I was in hospital and rehabilitation centres for a long time. Before this happened, I knew that I was not weak but I didn’t know how strong I am. The past two years challenged me a lot. I proved to myself that I am very strong and that I can handle a lot. For me, the hardest time was when my mother had a heart attack and when I had to go back to rehabilitation centres without her. In that moment my heart was falling apart but my strength didn’t let me to surrender. Every day, it’s a battle. Some battles you win, some you lose. But that’s ok. You can’t win them all but you should fight.

What lessons from the past few years will you take with you in the future?

In the past two years, I learnt so much about myself. I grew up and now I see things from a different perspective. I am still the same girl, always looking to hang out, I love to help others and I’m always on the move. But now I see some things differently. Everything in life happens for a reason. I know that I have some purpose but I am still looking for it. In my opinion, we should learn from everything that happens in our life.

What’s something you’re working on or trying to improve in your own life?

Well, I am still working on my recovery. Now, I have a prosthetic leg. I still didn’t master walking so I am trying to improve that. In February, this year, I had a 3rd operation on my arm. So, everyday I am working on my arm, trying to get back the function of my hand. Besides that, I am going to college and studying to be a programmer. I continued living my life. Nothing can stop me. Also, I am trying to help anyone who needs it. I am active on social media (Instagram: bojana_strength_girl and Facebook: StrengthGirl) and there I share my story and my battles.

What is your most persistent dream about the future?

My dream is to one day be someone’s inspiration. A lot of people inspire me to be better, so that’s my dream. To help others be better and to share the love. My plan is to make my own website and to write about my experience and struggles. I think that my battles can help someone. Also my plan is to get better physically and to get on my own feet.

I hope that one day people will stop judging one another. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t know anyone’s whole story. Everybody is suffering in their own way. Don’t be malicious and you should help others. It’s not hard to smile at one another. That can make someone’s day and it doesn’t cost a cent.

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