What is your story of strength?

My story of strength is my 7-year-old son! He inspires me to be my best every day. the days I just want to give up I always ask myself if that is the example I want to set for him. I see how enthusiastic and passionate he is about his favorite sport Football and how he keeps honing his skills knocking around the ball around the house all day long, he might fall down 10 times but he will still get up and continue to play, now that’s inspiration to me and my source of strength.

If all of us could think like kids, we would all live a life we are totally passionate about.

Can you tell me about a time you disappointed yourself?

Yes, don’t we all have disappointments that turned out to be our biggest lessons? I have mine too. I am a face and body paint artist. At my first makeup event, I was super excited about the job, but unfortunately at the location I realized I had forgotten my foundation palate and had just 2 shades of foundation. That did not go down very well with my client naturally, I felt terrible for the displeasure I caused them, but it also taught me the importance of planning ahead thoroughly and being fully prepared for the job, no matter how big or small the job is.

Recently I had the opportunity to do a Halloween makeup transformation for Radio-jockey Brent Black from Virgin radio. It was one of my greatest experience working with them and of course I had planned and prepped every bit of it before hand. Thanks to my earlier disappointment there was no room for mistakes this time.

What advice would your adult self give your younger self?

My adult self would tell my younger self that no one cares about your success or happiness more than you, so stop depending on others and hustle and grind everyday till the day you make it!!

What can men do better to support women?

Whether men or women I believe we need more people who lift each other up when others fall rather than the other way around. That way we will built a more productive, positive and inspiring world.

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